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Fire Suppression
Suppression systems to protect your business
Fire Suppriession is based on prevention, so the fire doesn't start in the first place. The system works by monitoring zones of the building in which it is installed, then discharging a fire suppression gas or liquid if the systems is triggered.

A fire burns when it has sufficient heat, Oxygen and fuel. The suppression system removes one or more of these elements to prevent the outbreak of fire.

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System Integration
Working alongside fire detection systems
Fire Suppression systems are designed to be able to work alongside other detection systems such as Smoke Detectors and Warning Alarms.

A suppression system can use smoke detectors to detect whether is is necessary to discharge its suppression gases or water and use warning alarms to alert you if a risk is detected.

Our suppression systems are designed to be used in commercial and industrial environments, ranging from small warehouses to much larger offices where it is equally as important to protect the buildings contents as it is the occupants.

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